portraits, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, CIFF, 2022

10.08. – 12.08.2022

LEVEL Ground Floor
STALL 014+017

portraits’ is an ongoing photo series by conceptual artist Simon Freund. A quest to better understand humanity, in which Freund is taking portraits of himself wearing the clothes of strangers across the world. By wearing other human's clothes, Freund questions notions of identity, body politics & consumerism. By literally putting himself in other’s shoes, Freund looks to bring to light the commonalities of the human experience, that which we all share & cannot shed. In the images seen below were taken at the beginning of June 2022 in Cairo, Egypt. Stop by with your favourite outfit to participate in the making of ‘portraits’ and become part of this art work. – Simon Freund lives and works without a permanent residence. Freund’s work is available to everyone free of charge, especially online at simonfreund.com. Freund is currently supported by about 60 patrons with 1€ per month, no more - no less. Born in 1990, in Königstein im Taunus, Simon Freund is a conceptual artist. Over the years he has created a portfolio including everything from installations, sculptures, photography, video, objects and internet art. Freund questions our desire for self-expression, our longing for belonging, the question of real versus fake, forms of radical transparency in the digital age and its influence on the perception of others.