Summer Show, Nicole Gnesa, Munich, 2018

postcard, 2018
offset print on cardboard
10,5 x 14,8 cm
Edition of 10.000

Nicole Gnesa Galerie, in cooperation with the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München and the Project Space Brunnmeier / Wandel, is pleased to present works by students of Patrick Fabian Panetta’s guest class CLASS IN PROGRESS.

The exhibition SUMMER SHOW will provide insights into the work of current students of the AdBK, Munich from different departments and different semesters.

Spatially and conceptually, the exhibition is divided into three presentation venues, each with different interpretative sovereignty: Art Academy, independently run Off-Space and established Gallery. The CLASS IN PROGRESS model, which is based on flat hierarchies and toolbox systems, levels spatial and content-related systems and detaches itself from existing academic structures and negates hierarchies of presentation.

In an increasingly virtualized production and exhibition practice, it is crucial to be aware of the importance of different types of spaces and their conditions. This includes the real, the social and, increasingly, the digital space in which we permanently move and act. Object and subject, art and their models of representation have become a system of its own that continues to reproduce itself, increasingly fed by the algorithms on which its representation is based. An endless feedback-loop between artists, work, medium and presentation.

A system is an entity which maintains its existence through the mutual interactions of its parts.


Clara Laila Abid Alsstar, Martin Bogisch, Gregory Borlein, Nil Bräg, Simona De Fabritiis, Simon Freund, Hans-Peter Gehring, Jessica Grundler, Florian Kuhn, Gemma Meulendijks, Julian Momboisse, Lou JP Mußgnug, Stephanie Olszewski, Julian Rabus, Mako Sangmongkhon, Jesaja Song